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    Free Buegle Bookings Trial

    Don't just book it - Buegle it!

    An accommodation enquiry & booking system integrated into key social networks.

    With a Buegle bookings solution you can let people book rooms online & share their plans with their friends in just a few clicks!


    Easily control your rooms.

    - A simple dashboard for room allocation & rates management.

    - Take online bookings and/or receive email enquiries.

    - Automated hotel & customer email confirmation.

    - Customise your own cancellation policy


    Social networking included.

    Almost everybody likes to share their
    holiday & travel plans.

    With facebook integration they can &
    you drive traffic back to your site!


    0% Commission!

    You can select a custom site colour
    & upload your own banner.

    Plus we take ZERO commission
    for your enquiries or your bookings.

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